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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  December 21, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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123450. a string of alleged mistresses, 14, some claiming that the affairs lasted for years. and the number of alleged mistresses could climb to 16. major developments tonight. as sources confirm wife elin will file for divorce. reports are she wants full custody and half of woods' empire, estimated at $600
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million. contacting divorce lawyers, including a high-profile l.a. attorney to the stars, she's already been out in public with no wedding ring and is reportedly leaving for sweden with the two children. this, as reports surface. tiger woods and his buddies will set sale on his private luxury yacht. at the heart of it all, two little children. >> golf has never been this exciting. >> unconfirmed rorns that sighing ger woods' wife elin will not only seek a divorce from the golf great but also allegedly wants half his money and full custody of the couple's two young children. >> a lot of reports are saying that divorce is 100% for elin. she wants to make sure that all of the dirty laundry is on the table. >> she wants her life back, some privacy for her kids, and 55 million or a billion is not
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going to undue the damage that tiger woods did his wife, his family. >> a close pal of elin allegedly claims that elin will give woods visitation with his children but wants the visits to be monitored. >> we're hearing that she's a tough woman, that she doesn't take this kind of thing lying down, that she's very upset and not the wind of woman that would lie down for this kind of thing. >> woods is doing everything he can and trying to convince his wife not to leave him. >> all of these reports about elin doing this and that, he wants to save it, do everything in his power to try and save this marriage. >> this is a guy who is in prop found shock, embarrassment, feeling a lot of guilt because he's brought down his own reputation, has destroyed his family as we can see. he's at the lowest part of his life right now. >> and breaking news tonight in the sudden death of hollywood star brittany murphy, star of
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"girl interrupted" and "clueless." paramedics tried desperately to revive her but two hours later she's pronounced dead. we confirm that the autopsy is complete. buttocks kolg tests necessary to determine the official cause of death, investigators seizing multiple prescription medications from her home. what happened to the 32-year-old hollywood star, britany murphy? >> a talented actor whose life was cut short way too soon. >> brittany murphy had flu-like symptoms just before she died. >> according to the family, she will been ill for several days with flu-like symptoms and she did have some prescription
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medication. >> there's still a lot of mystery here. we still have no official cause of death. >> i saw five firemen bring her down on the gurney and they were trying to resuscitate her. >> she died suddenly yesterday in the shower in her home. >> they had her by the fire truck they were trying to resuscitate her and she was very obviously dead. >> her last appearance was on december 3rd when she showed up for a store opening and there were a lot of whispers that she looked too soon. >> what about her husband. >> he was with her when she died. he was in the driveway when they pulled up. >> he was in his path jam ma bottoms without any shoes and he was just walking around. he wasn't really at the gurney. he was just staggering around. >> >> it was reported to the hospital that the husband said that he did not want an autopsy.
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however, he never conveyed that to us. >> investigators are taking a look at her medical history. >> her last movie role was last month. she was dismissed from that because there were reports that she just looked dazed. so it's a big mystery. >> good evening. i'm in for nancy grace. major developments in the case of golf superstar tiger woods as sources confirm what elin will file for divorce. reports are that she wants full custody and half of woods' empire estimated at $600 million. breaking news, has tiger woods left florida? has he set sale with his $20 million yacht headed to the bahamas with friends? >> he's secluded and eating serial, watching cartoons. he's not talking to anyone. he's playing golf at night. >> sources say the boat which
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was docked in palm beach for more than a week after woods' friends went to pick up supplies. >> we have not seen tiger since before the accident. he hasn't been seen since. we think he's in florida but we do not really know where he is. >> as of today, is his wife seeking full custody of the children? an unconfirmed report from an alleged close pal of el elin nordegren and half of the estimated $600 million fortune. >> we've heard reports that she's going to go on vacation with the children for the holidays and after the holidays is planning on filing for divorce from tiger. >> not only that, but friends claim that elin would want any visits to be monitored. >> now that tiger has shown his true stripes, we're learning a whole lot. this will cost him a lot of green to get out of it. >> well, clearly elin is no shrinking violet. tom o'neil, she's going for the
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jugular. >> i think she's smart to. she has a prenup and why not go for it? >> well, here's my question, though. it's one thing to say, i'm going to go for all of this money but alexis -- and please forgive me, i'm going to get it right. and reporter raideronline, the custody issue really gets me. it's almost like saying, my kids are not safe with this man. i want him with me. >> exactly. elin wants full custody of the children. she is not really willing to compromise on that. this is what she wants. she's the mother. these are little children. two years and ten months. they need a full-time mom. dad can go back to playing golf or traveling around the world but she wants to be their sole caregiver. >> but family law attorney, that's a real button pusher to say i want custody and i want
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monitored visitation. the man has never been abuse charged with abusing his children. is she likely to get this. >> what he's done is rep prehenceable, committing adultery. but at the end of the day, people don't lose custody or if somehow they would endanger their children and we haven't seen anything in terms of reports that he's a bad parent and a bad father. all we've heard is that he's obviously a serial filanderer. but this is going to be a bargaining ship for elin to say, if you give me full custody, i'll give you parenting rights and i'll let you see the children if you ever get back to playing golf but i want more money and i want to live where i want to live with the children. >> well, on the subject of the children, dr. robert cartwright, thank you for joining us. you see a lot of children. you see a lot of divorces. i know there is -- this is a
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real sensitive issue. you've seen the trauma they go through. does it deserve this to say, i want my children to be monitored when my husband is with him, my ex-husband? >> i agree. i think we all know that parents are important in the lives of their children, both the mother and the father. so i think with having a monitored visit you worry that the children may sometimes view their father as some deef yent and while you might think that is the case, i think there is the argument that you really need to try to make this as normal for the child as possible. >> karen stark, psychologist, i'm sure you've dealt with children. there's a lot of emotional fallout. is he necessarily in danger because he's a fill lan derer? >> absolutely not. they need to have both parents and they need both parents to be getting along. >> what will he have to do to say to a court, wherever it may be, florida, california, hey, i'm a good daddy? >> i think he's going to have to
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show the fact that he's spent time with them, that he's involved in their lives, and here's where elin may have a leg up on him, so to speak. she's been the sole caregiver and the one providing care while he's off doing charity and tournaments. >> allen sanchez n. talking about the half of the 600 million, let me get this straight. i know california is no fault. florida is a different picture. what will she have to do if she wants to take the proceedings to a florida court? >> well, first, she will have to file some type of a come flight attendant a florida court. then the issue of whether or not there's a prenuptial agreement is going to come before the courts to determine whether it's valid in florida or valid in one of the other states.
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so first an action has to be taken before the courts so a court can make a decision. >> very quickly, peter odom, defense attorney, you know, infidelity is not grounds for giving somebody a lot of money, is it? >> no. but if there was fraud in the actual inducement of that contract, if there was a fraud in the making of that contract, that pre-nup might be set aside. and tiger woods could be liable for more money than anticipated when he got married. >> mark williams, anchor and reporter do, we know if he's spending -- has he been with the kids? are they completely estranged at this point? >> not that we know of. he's been living separate from elin. at last report at a different home but in the subdivision. it is a home owned by his late father and with tiger but there's conflicting reports as to whether he is on his boat called "the privacy" and also it was last week or the week before that investigators from the department of children and families here in florida stopped by the woods' residence just to check up on the kids because this is a very high profile case here in the orlando area. >> okay. alexis, can you tell me, do you know, she plan to go to swede snn.
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>> we have heard reports she is planning on going there for the holidays and taking the children so that she can spend the time with her family. >> do you think that tiger's a sex azmikt tie man that i knew, the tiger that i knew, i would never think that. you know, it was never about that. he never -- you know, just kind of said come over and that's what's going to happen. so i mean, the person that i knew i would say, no.
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it's just kind of, you know, this was a man i cared about. this is a man i spent two and a half years with. >> your husband may have allegedly been with 16 different women. >> hearing it from multiple sources. >> it is all blowing up as we speak. >> like a bakery, take a number and next apparently. >> we know for sure that the
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first time that we saw elin come out just a few days ago after being in hiding for a very long time, she was out pumping gas without her wedding ring on. >> what do you think of his 14 mistresses? >> she's definitely mad about everything going on. >> a lot of these women are claiming two and three-year relationships with him. some in the family home. how difficult will that be for a divorce lawyer to prove? >> it's not going to be difficult. we have got text messages, voicemails. >> it's not going to be hard at all. >> elin nordegren has close and a family mansion in her homeland on an island off the coast. reports are surfacing that he is very afraid that elin nordegren is going to divorce him and take the children to sweden.
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>> as the countdown to divorce already begun? >> very well could be the beginning of the end. >> well, you know, one just might assume that tiger woods might take this time for a little self reflection, little soul searching. however, marc williams, anchor and reporter, he's supposedly set sail on his $20 million yacht, ironically, named "privacy" with, you know, 300 of his favorite yes guys around him. this is not a guy into self reflection if this is true. correct? >> correct. supposedly. he and his buddies went to a costco discount store in the palm beach area over the weekend, saturday to be exact. stocked up on goodies, brought it back on the boat and they cast off. they're now allegedly and this is what "people" magazine is reporting is cruising in the bahamas. is boat is like 6,500 square feet. this is a huge boat. it has a 7,000-gallon gas tank and it can cruise -- >> marc, marc, marc. boat is an understatement. >> excuse me. vessel. >> it is a -- yeah. it is a vessel. check this out. it's got -- nobody invites moan these kinds of boats. right?
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excuse me, yachts. sky lounge bar, a gym, gentleman does zi, sleeps 21. oprah and bill gates has been on it. on and on and on. alexis tereszcuk, i know i got it right that time, you say it is not docked. >> we have a photo on ray --online showing that tiger's boat was still in the dock today so we don't think that he has left and the boat is still in the dock. >> okay. all right. i guess we'll find out sooner oral later. we have patiently waiting callers. veronica, good evening, what is your call in pittsburgh? >> caller: hi. does tiger have any contact with his mother at all? >> it's funny you should ask that question because we understand, tom o'neil, that his mom's pretty mad at him. do you know about this? >> mom's really, really mad. she says she is hurt, angry,
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disapointed in her son. when he was growing up, she had a hard time keeping the family unit together and survived and got them through. tiger's got everything. he's got money and a wonderful, beautiful family she said she quote unquotes undoers and doesn't understand how this happened to the family. >> his dad cheated, as well. maybe it is in the genes. lou palumbo, private investigator. what would you do now? would it be a good thing to follow if you were elin to follow everything he's doing now to try to build a case on the actions now or does it matter? >> it is a moot point now and only thing to do now is exercise the power of the subpoena. and that not only pertains to the young ladies but the correspondence between them, phone records text message, e-mails, so on and so forth. there's not much need of a private investigator at this cross road. we know what happened and the players are. we don't have to go find them. >> vicki zeigler, divorce and family law attorney. when there is philandering at this level, i mean, how does one deal with that in terms of representing?
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does it carry any weight whether it's one woman or 100 women? >> well, it really depends and i think in this case certainly it goes to credibility. it goes to a lack of judgment. but at the end of the day, if this is really about money, the only argument is that he dissipated perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars on the women that should have been in the marital pot so to speak. she could go after 50% of those moneys and one way but at the end of the day, really, it is to humiliate which he has been humiliated and not so much of an issue in this case. >> and dr. cartwright, do we need to be concerned about the children's health for any reason? >> i'm sorry. whose else?
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what elin tmz reporting tiger woods is doing everything he can to save
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his marriage. and convince wife elin nordegren not walk but will it work? reports surface that wife elin has consulted divorce lawyer to the rich and famous sorl troupe. >> you can't get anymore definite than that. >> that is hard-hitting divorce attorney out of l.a. >> legal eagles say he is the best in the business to get the best deals out of divorces. >> as you know, there are millions of dollars at stake. >> $92 million in career tournament winnings. estimated $100 million a year in endorsements that includes $30 million from nike and estimated $10 million of gatorade as well as the custody of their children. >> well, you know, the word is, marc williams, anchor and reporter, that tiger's going to say good-bye to golf for a full year. can hedo it and will hedo it? >> tiger is trying to save his marriage and golf is his profession. he's said on his website and through other sources that he's going to take the next year off. however, there is speculation and i have my sources telling me that he won't take a year off. he will be back at the master
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when is that begins april 6th in augusta, georgia. he can't miss that tournament. that's his bread and butter right there, pat. >> caryn stark, if you can cheat so out in the open and full of guilt and lay low far while, i don't see how you make that transition so fast. >> well, but you have to understand something. this is a man who really wanted to be a private person. he put it out there -- >> what? >> -- that he was prift. the boat called "the privacy accounts and two different tigers. there is the guy who's acting out and a private person supposed to be so presentable to us and well behaved. >> peter odom, you know, private? he was so blatant in what he did right or wrong, if you don't want to make a moral judgment about it, fine. but it was all there. >> seems to be a sense he didn't even understand the gravity of what he was doing. there was a sense of entitlement there because he was tiger woods, the richest person in sports. and, you know, maybe he's starting to get it now that his family's falling apart, the image is falling apart, the ability to make money is falling apart. there's hope he might get it and trying to save that marriage. >> dr. robert cartwright, do you buy -- i mean, being a physician, you see people under
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stress all the time. i'm looking at it as no guilt, look whatdy to my family. sit possible he could be really suffering internally right now is. >> well, certainly stress has perogative and they have a sense of entitlement and with the entitlement goes disregard. this is just blatant arrogance. >> tell me this, alex an chez r. you telling me that doesn't carry some weight for elin, oh my gosh, these women were in my house? i mean, how reckless is that? >> you know, it is a very reckless, and if it ever goes to divorce court, i i'm sure the issues will come up but tiger needs to do something dra mat toik restore the reputation. if he is watching this show, go on tv and should say, listen. i feel awful about what i did. what i did was reprehencible. as far as the prenuptial agreement, i'll tear it up. i'll do whatever it takes to restore my marriage and that i promise you. that's what he needs to do. >> vikki zeigler, i don't know. we're not just talking about an indiscretion. we are talking about some sort of chronic behavior. are you telling me he can wake up tomorrow and say, oh, i'm so done cheating. i'm so in love with my wife. who buys that? >> i don't think a court buys it i'll tell you that and i don't think elin is buying that either. if tiger woods goes on tv and
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strengthen his position and, again, his wife is coming from the position of strength, not tiger woods.
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tiger isn't out of the woods yet. >> radaronline reporting tiger woods supposedly field alleged mistress he only got married to boost his public image. >> wife elin wants out. she's planning to leave him. >> do you think that tiger's a sex addict? >> the man that i knew, the tiger that i knew i would never think that. >> "the enquirer" claims team tiger is working hard to silence alleged mistresses. >> some up to $20,000 a month.
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sources confirm that elin nordegren is divorcing tiger woods. >> recently photographed without her wedding ring. >> she's decided at this point to take off her ring and time move on. >> we are hearing she is a very tough woman, that she doesn't take this kind of thing lying down, that she is very upset and that she is not the kind of woman to stand for this kind of thing. >> multiple friends of elin's and abc news is saying this is a 100% certainty. the only uncertainty is how will it play out? >> alexis tereszcuk, from radaronline. this really get mess. it's one thing all the mistresses but one is talking about a long relationship and she even went to his home. >> absolutely. there is one of the mistresses who said that she was with tiger in his home. in fact, one said she was with tiger the night his father died and she was there with him and as -- i've said before, i think that bring ago mistress into the home is pretty disgusting. >> yeah, well, no doubt about that. lou, i have to ask you as a private investigator, you see a lot of, you know, nasty stuff
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going on but how often do these guys drag their conquests into the family home where the children sleep? >> more often than you think. you know -- >> why? >> why? because they don't seem to understand the responsibilities. first and foremost to your children and then to your wife. you know, it is difficult to understand this mentality but we live in a society where we give these people tremendous perogative and they have a sense of entitlement and with the entitlement goes disregard. this is just blatant arrogance. >> tell me this, alex an chez r. you telling me that doesn't carry some weight for elin, oh my gosh, these women were in my house? i mean, how reckless is that? >> you know, it is a very reckless, and if it ever goes to divorce court, i i'm sure the issues will come up but tiger needs to do something dra mat toik restore the reputation. if he is watching this show, go on tv and should say, listen. i feel awful about what i did. what i did was reprehencible. as far as the prenuptial agreement, i'll tear it up. i'll do whatever it takes to restore my marriage and that i promise you. that's what he needs to do. >> vikki zeigler, i don't know. we're not just talking about an indiscretion. we are talking about some sort
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of chronic behavior. are you telling me he can wake up tomorrow and say, oh, i'm so done cheating. i'm so in love with my wife. who buys that? >> i don't think a court buys it i'll tell you that and i don't think elin is buying that either. if tiger woods goes on tv and rips up the prenuptial agreement, i'll fly to florida to represent elin. she can get much more than probably the prenuptial agreement states and what tiger woods has done is reprehencible and is he going to change? does he want to reconcile this marriage? going on a yacht called "privacy" don't show he wants to reconcile and be a family unit allegedly in the holidays. are you telling me he can wake up tomorrow and say, oh, i'm so done cheating. i'm so in love with my wife. who buys that? >> i don't think a court buys it i'll tell you that and i don't think elin is buying that either. if tiger woods goes on tv and rips up the prenuptial agreement, i'll fly to florida to represent elin. she can get much more than probably the prenuptial agreement states and what tiger woods has done is reprehencible and is he going to change? does he want to reconcile this marriage? going on a yacht called
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"privacy" don't show he wants to reconcile and be a family unit allegedly in the holidays. i have a lot of questions about tiger's transgressions and to come back and make this family whole and how anyone could ever trust him again. >> dr. robert cartwright, i know the children are very young. i believe 2 and 10 months. somebody will yell in my ear if i'm wrong. i believe it's 2 ear 10 months. i don't think nay're necessary unscathed. somehow there has to be an impact, don't you think? >> well, certainly, i think there are times when we see the psychological trauma on children when parents are in the home fighting. you know, we don't give children the credit they sometimes deserve in terms of how observe vant they are and how they feel and empathize with older adults so i think there's certainly that possibility of issues of they at that young age are sensing. >> i want to get to more of our
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callers and paw let, thank you for waiting from florida. what is your question, paulett 1234e. >> caller: with the two women that have seen gloria allred and used her as their lawyer, how come they're not charged with extortion trying to make an agreement on how much money they should get from tiger woods? >> peter gorks ahead. >> caller: to me, that's extortion. >> okay. peter, is that extortion? >> absolutely not. >> give me money and i'll be quiet. >> these women have a right to talk to the media and if tiger woods wants to pay them "moneyline" not to talk to the media, that is his perogative and a private contract between them and nothing illegal about it. >> yeah, but it's pretty dirty. >> well, you know -- >> they're all dirty. >> moral korgss and legal considerations are often two different things. >> not to me. i won't tell you what i think penalty should be. but get this. get this. even though we are talking about elin wanting a divorce, there
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are also reports that she's conflicted. now, i'm sure there is some, you know, trepidation, oh my gosh, been with this man, he is the father of my children. apparently, this is what we're hearing. and i think it is alexis might know about this. she is mad because it was more than one and upset not -- she would have maybe forgiven one but a three-year relationship with another one is what upsets her. >> absolutely. >> explain that to me. >> it's the mistress he had the relationship before they were married when they were just engaged that continued after they were married. that's a much longer situation made her even angrier than he probably was had it been one or two women but not a long term. that is long term indiscretion she is angry about. >> caryn stark, you have to explain that to me. to me, to close my eyes and imagine my beloved with one woman would be enough to throw him off a short dock but i guess every woman has their price, correct? >> that's true.
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you have to understand there's a big difference between women and men. women are more willing to forgive and won't forgive something that's an emotional attachment and three years might mean emotional attachment. where in men, if they just know that a woman has been with somebody else, they don't forgive but women might. they really might but the emotional part is not good. >> vikki zeigler, i hear that all the time. men are wired differently. i think it is a bunch of bah lowny. there's a sense of entitlement. they can get rid of it, to use that as an excuse and if there are women to play the game, they continue to get away with it. >> question is, why did tiger woods ever get married? >> exactly. >> you know what? he didn't have to. he could be like derick jeter and court women vane a great life and not have this financial commitment and emotional commitment to his family, so you know what? nobody forced tiger woods. nobody put a gun to his side saying you have to marry elin. he thooz take that blame. he is culpable and unfortunately
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i think women generally want to give people another shot. i think because they want to believe that somebody can change. but in this case, it would be hard pressed and i don't want to be negative but come on, doesn't look like a person that feels remorse and wants to rekindle this relationship with his wife. i think it is over. >> yeah, yeah. snuggled up in front of a cozy fire and the image of those women in her head? i don't think so. let's take another caller if we have time. liz, do we have time? dora in kansas gorks ahead. >> caller: yes, i was just wondering, since i say that elin has contacted divorce lawyers, i was wondering has she also contacted a criminal defense attorney? >> well, eleanor odom, i don't think there's any need for criminal defense attorney at this point. well, i don't know. who know what is's gone on there in but for now, no. >> not unless she's accused of
10:39 pm
performing a battery on tiger woods, she wouldn't need a criminal defense lawyer. >> all right. and i think we have lisa in minnesota. lisa, very quickly, your question. >> caller: yeah. the cause of action of alienation of affection in conversation where elin can sue the mistresses, has anybody informed her or the mistresses they can be sued for those two causes of action? new photos of nancy's twins, little lucy and john david. check this out. oh, my gosh, mommy, dad knee, grand mommy and grand daddy took them for business quits and they got a really big treat. and they got to sit with them and only if mom would hold the
10:40 pm
mama. >> and they talked to fluently.
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let's talk about something happy going to break tonight. new photos of nancy's twins. little lucy and david at chick filet. the investigation has determined that mr. woods is at fault in the crash. >> can you please take your name off your phone? >> there were reports that there was a domestic dispute before tiger woods left his house. >> my wife went through my known and may be calling you. >> elin had seen text messages. >> if you can, please take your name off that. >> it wasn't one woman, it wasn't two. you know, we think the number has been up to 13. >> have it as a number on the voicemail. just have it as your telephone number. >> i do not for one second believe he had real relationships with these women. >> you got do this for me. huge, quickly. all right, bye. >>dy put a lot of, you know, emotions into this and i did care very much for him.
10:44 pm
and when we were together, i mean, he did make me feel like i was the only girl. >> dr. robert cartwright, we know that there are issues of, i believe, vicadin and ambien. we don't know that they've been abused in any way, so let's make that clear. why does one normally take those medications? >> well, ambien is a prescription sleep aid to help people get to sleep and hopefully stay asleep through the night. vicadin is a narcotic pain medication commonly used after surgery.
10:45 pm
we know he had the knee issues over the past year. the two together may create some significant psychological issues, drowsiness and so forth so the two together they be a real problem. >> caryn stark, does it concern you the use of any degree of these two medications? >> well, it all depends. i really depends if he was using them combination. if he was using them separately, it doesn't concern me. you haven't heard that at all. >> i want to ask marc williams, do we know, i'm jumping back to elin very quickly, but is there sometimeline, do we have a clue when she is going to make a decision about her future? >> there's been speculation that she was going to do it before the holidays. now there is speculation to do it after the holidays but, pat, please keep this in mind. is that we will not know anything until we get the paper work and the paper work is made public. that's when the rubber hit it is road in this situation. >> there's a rumor and i'm going to emphasize the word rumor not that we're reporting rumors but
10:46 pm
i think you can answer this, tom o'neil, perhaps about cops being at the house to escort elin somewhere. >> x 4617, the photo agency reported that earlier today a police entourage descended on the compound in orlando, two squad cars, eight motorcycles, two choppers to escort her out past the paparazzi. >> wow. >> but then later report was she sent them all home. one of two things may have happened if this is true and she decided she want to leave or, pat, maybe she doesn't want to leave at all. >> well, who knows? you are seeing the house today, what a place, huh? you know what? but a beautiful house is not enough to stay if you've been compromised. lou, private investigator, former nassau county police investigator. you have seen a lot of this kind
10:47 pm
of thing, how does this rank to you, this case? >> as low as you can go, quite frankly. >> really? >> it wasn't an issue he wasn't finding comfort in his home with his wife and he sought comfort with someone else. this guy was a sociopath. i mean, traveled through continents to do this. and it's unconscionable and complete lack of regard first and foremost for his children is inexplicable. i don't think this guy cares, quite frank lain i think he's a coward. he should come out of hiding and confront this issue and try to make some sense of it with people which we know he cannot do but he needs to confront this issue. he just hiding. >> eleanor odom -- thank you. eleanor odom, going back to this yacht thing, just for image sake, i don't think that that looks so good. i'm palling out with my friends to wherever, you know, around the holidays. and not spending that time with the kids. that, again, puts anymore a weak position talking custody. >> and peter odom, i would guess, well, who knows? but does it look like a man trying hard to save the day? >> well, i certainly that aspect to it.
10:48 pm
we hear reports he is eating cereal and watching cartoons and kind of not the direction he wants to go if he wants to, number one, reclaim his image. number two, reclaim his marriage. >> well, clearly, clearly, to use the cliche, a story far from over. let's close it out now and go on to another tragedy. this is a shocker. 32-year-old brittany murphy, hollywood star, has had her ups and downs but did quite well over the last few years and now she is dead and at this point it is cardiac arrest. let's listen. she collapsed in the bathroom. >> the toxicology reports will take four to six weeks. >> >> could she have died from a heart attack? >> that's reported as a a heart
10:49 pm
attack. >> she's been dogged by rumors of anorexia, of wheat loss. >> she had flu-like symptoms in the days prior to her death. and she was let's go right to tom buried, 1070, autopsy is finished, correct? >> spent several hours going over her body. >> what do we know? >> we don't know much at this point. they are waiting for the toxicology report to come back. they say it could be six to eight weeks and they don't know exactly why she died. >> host, vomiting, diabetic, but a little more about what her mus
10:50 pm
might be saying about her illness? >> yeah, he spoke out today finally and said that she was also suffering from lar rin jit tis. he kind of dismissed the flu-like symptoms and layer gi saying she was working on a couple of movies and she was experiencing laren gits and vomiting. >> it's not fair to say suspicious, but it sure is heck is mysterious, is it not? >> certainly, we don't see 32-year-olds who drop dead with flu-like illness or larengits. if there is any sort of drug issues and, it's pure speculation, if she had troubles with weight, that puts a strain on your heart and sometimes a viral illness can tip you over the edge.
10:51 pm
still speculation. >> go ahead. >> which one? >> yeah. dr. stark, go ahead. >> i really wonder, what is a 32-year-old doing being dead. you know, i even think about karen carpenter. we know she died because of anorexia and she looked very, very thin to me.
10:52 pm
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june is definitely in the middle of a love triangle to say the least. >> how is filmed as a dark thriller? >> i was drawn to it because of its quality and the short film before we were able to make the short-length feature, i ensqujo the short film very much. >> eleanor odom, is it common place there are police
10:55 pm
investigators at this type of scene? >> it is very common. make sure it isn't a homicide or suicide. when somebody dies young and unexpectedly, there's going to be an investigation. >> we're waiting on toxicology, kelly zinc from >> she exploded on the scene in "clueless" and got into everyone's mind and did " 8 mile." and worked with ashton kutcher, who said she was so upset because all of these celebrities are saying she was a ray of sunshine. towards the end of her career, there's been rumors she was difficult to work with and her husband was showing up onset
10:56 pm
drunk and being disorderly. >> john, do you know about those problems in her life? >> i don't. the coroners office did confirm she did have flu-like symptoms and they took the prescriptions as part of their investigation. they are so interested in seeing the toxicology reports and will talk to her personal physician and try to get a medical history on her. >> so that very quickly kelly, looks like they'll first start with looking into what kind of medication she was taking and for what purpose? >> there are also reports that she had plastic surgery and was taking vicodin after that. that was not confirmed and she has denied it. >> thanks so much. our thoughts with her friends and family. tonight let's stop to remember lea levi, earned a criminal justice degree and dreamed of being a cop. loved camping and back packing
10:57 pm
with his families. leaves behind belinda and ken, two brothers, levi, hoover, an american hero. good night from georgia -- to georgia friends mary and tom cartwright. proud parents of dr. robert cartwright. mrs. cartwright has been a loving and dedicate the preschool teacher for years in atlanta. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night friend. have a great evening.
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